One Hand Tied

CHARGES have been laid against besieged construction group Stefanutti Stocks by a small contracting company alleging ""fraudulent misrepresentation'.

Small contractor takes on Stefanutti

Police have confirmed they are investigating two cases related to SALT Employee Benefits (Salt EB), a pension fund administrator contracted by the Road Freight Logistics Industry Fund (RFLIF).

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Police probe allegations of pension theft

Johannesburg - Allegations of theft, fraud and bribery have been levelled at members of one of the biggest pension fund schemes in the country '“ leading to fears that millions of rand of workers' money has allegedly disappeared.

Breytenbach’s days numbered

Former senior NPA prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach faces possible arrest for defeating the ends of justice and corruption, highly placed sources said yesterday.

The New Age has been reliably informed that statements have been taken from witnesses, the latest being yesterday afternoon.

The impending arrest, which could be executed within the next few weeks, follows recommendations of the draft report given to national Director of Public Prosecutions Mxolisi Nxasana just days before Breytenbach handed in her resignation.

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Breytenbach 'linked' to Lolly

Abram Mashego and Dudu Dube

Former senior prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach may have facilitated deals between Lolly Jackson's family and a Pretoria man at the same time that SARS was investigating Jackson's estate.

In November 2010, email correspondence apparently between Breytenbach and Jackson's lawyer, Alan Allschwang, sealed a deal wherein the former prosecutor was to help strip club boss Bertus Joubert obtain rights to the famous Teazers brand owned by the family of slain underworld boss Lolly Jackson.

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Rwandan hitmen ‘nabbed’

Abram Mashego

Three Rwandan nationals have reportedly been arrested at a hotel in the Mozambican capital Maputo for the murder of former Rwandan intelligence head Patrick Karegeya.

The suspects, who allegedly include Rwandan Lt-Col Francis Gakwerere, were arrested after Rwandan exiles alerted local police about their presence in the country.

The suspects are accused of being members of a Rwandan hit squad that targeted opposition party leaders in the strife-torn country.

Father of Krejcir ‘associate’ tortured to death with hammers

The father of an alleged associate of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has died after being tortured.

Forensic investigator Chad Thomas told The Citizen that Miso Mihaljevic, the father of Sandton Gold and Diamond Exchange's Djordje Mihaljevic, was pulled over and kidnapped in Johannesburg as he drove home last Friday.

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Krejcir link to torture death - report

Johannesburg - The father of an alleged associate of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has died after being tortured, The Citizen reported on Friday.


Forensic investigator Chad Thomas told the paper that Miso Mihaljevic, the father of Sandton Gold and Diamond Exchange's Djordje Mihaljevic, was pulled over and kidnapped in Johannesburg as he drove home last Friday.

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Selling of Bank Statements Uncovered

Johannesburg - Two Gauteng private investigators have been arrested, along with two former bank employees, for allegedly selling bank statements, reported City Press.

One bank employee allegedly earned more than R50 000 by supplying stolen bank statements to a private investigator.

Another bank official allegedly supplied hundreds of statements to a second private investigator for about R50 each.

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Rapport-ondersoek: Al jou geheime is op die mark

'n Winsgewende sluikhandel in bankstate is oopgevlek met die arrestasie van twee Gautengse private speurders en twee voormalige bankamptenare op aanklagte van bedrog en korrupsie.

Een bankwerknemer het meer as R50 000 verdien deur gesteelde bankstate aan 'n private speurder te verskaf.

Die ander werknemer het honderde bankstate teen sowat R50 per staat aan 'n ander private speurder oorhandig.

'n Rapport-ondersoek het verder aan die lig gebring dat amper enige vertroulike persoonlike inligting teen 'n prys beskikbaar is aan derde partye.

Bronne in die private speurbedryf sê groot ondernemings koop gereeld inligting oor mededingers of voornemende sakevennote.

Investigator hired by DBN businessman quits

Durban -

A private investigator appointed by Durban businessman Thoshan Panday to probe the alleged theft of his R2.5 million Ferrari by a former friend has withdrawn his services, citing a disreputable relationship between the two.

Panday had enlisted the services of Chad Thomas of IRS Investigations to investigate the alleged theft of the Ferrari by Vinesh Sukhari, and return the flashy sports car.

According to Thomas, so sordid is the relationship between the two, he withdrew his services as he did not want to be associated with the men.

Jay Singh’s dodgy mining links

JAY Singh '” the man behind both the Tongaat mall collapse and Durban's massive sub-standard housing scandal '” is a business partner of alleged "master fraudster' Kobus Boshoff.
And the duo's R115'‰million mining deal has also collapsed into chaos, after a "band of vigilantes' stormed the illegal mine they tried to start in the Northern Cape, according to court papers.
Boshoff (56) '” who has been repeatedly arrested and charged with fraud, but is yet to face trial '” is the focus of 19 separate fraud investigations, including a massive Land Bank scam, in which bogus letters of guarantee were used to con victims out of millions in fake black economic empowerment deals.[_id]=110357

Carte Blanche Extract

Is the Eastern European mafia in Johannesburg out of control? What are authorities doing to stem a tide of violence that this week saw more deaths after a bomb blast at the offices of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir?

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