VIDEO: Community marches for police action on murder case

ORANGE GROVE – The Norwood Community Police Forum and around 400 supporters took to the streets of Orange Grove on the morning of 21 March in a bid to urge Norwood police to prioritise their investigation into the murder case of resident, Pinky.

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IRS apprehend fake diamond seller

JOBURG – FOLLOWING the news of fake diamond sellers sweeping through Johannesburg, one of the men who has allegedly been targeting diamond buyers in and around Johannesburg has been apprehended thanks to the work of IRS Forensic Investigations together with the South African Police Service.

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SONA: 'It could only have been a jammer'

The disruption to cellphone signals that marred last week's State of the Nation Address (SONA) could only have been caused by a jamming device, it has emerged.

This comes as a Parliamentary probe is already under way into what government ministers are referring to as a "technical glitch", and the Democratic Alliance demands the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA) probe the loss of cellphone signal during Thursday's SONA.

DA faces public violence claims

Cape Town - New allegations have emerged in an eight-year-old case, now under fresh police investigation, that DA politicians orchestrated public violence to try to unseat the ANC in a southern Cape municipality.

Although the initial probe into these allegations found they were not substantiated, Independent Media has established that police recently asked top politicians, including Transport and Public Works MEC Donald Grant and Bitou Municipality mayor Memory Booysen, to provide them with information.

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How to avoid online dating scams

Many lonely people try to find love online but unfortunately this opens them to the risk of being scammed by someone who takes advantage of their loneliness. Moneybags journalist Jessica Wood looks at online dating scams and provides tips on how to protect yourself if you seek love on the web.

In a recent incident, a women from Durban was conned out of almost R700 000 by a man she met online. She was made to believe that it was true love and didn’t hesitate when he asked for money. "The dating scam is an extension of the commonly known 419 scam which is an advance fee fraud," says Glenda Paul, a director of IRS Forensic Investigations.

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Scammed for love

Knowing things were too good to be true did not stop a Durban mother of five from being conned out of almost R700,000 by a cyber lover.

"People are probably thinking how could I have been so stupid. I ask myself the same question every day," she said.

The divorced administration clerk, like hundreds of vulnerable women charmed by online Casanovas, lost her life savings to a man she had fallen in love with despite having never met him in person.

The Hawks know of several cases in which women lost much more.

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Diamonds are a crook’s best friend

Cape Town - A R100 million diamond robbery at a Bellville home has lifted the lid on the central role the gems have in the illicit markets of the criminal underworld.

Several well-placed sources explained to Weekend Argus how crime kingpins in the Western Cape are exchanging diamonds, luxury vehicles and drugs so that there is no paper trail for their transactions.

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Children in dog fighting horror

Johannesburg - Dog fighters forced children as young as 9 to imitate real dog fights, placing bets on which child will cause the most injury through biting and scratching.

The horrific form of abuse, which shows just how damaging dog fighting can be to children, came to light early last year in Ekurhuleni, but not much has been done to help the children involved.

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Social media can fuel vigilante attacks

Cape Town - Social media websites are increasingly being used to name and shame lawbreakers or make residents aware of crime in their area. But these sites also have potential negative consequences – vigilantism, or even criminal charges for those making posts.

Chad Thomas, chief forensic investigator at IRS forensic services, has warned that people behind the posts can be charged as an accessory after the fact if the post leads to an assault or death.

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Fresh probe into Vito Palazzolo

Durban - Suspected Mafia kingpin Vito Palazzolo is a person of interest in a major money laundering investigation linked to an animal shelter outside Plettenberg Bay – this despite him being in an Italian jail.

Palazzolo, 66, is a naturalised South African citizen who for years lived in the Western Cape. In 2009, he was in absentia sentenced to nine years’ imprisonment by an Italian court for having an association with the Mafia, and has been in jail for more than two-and-a-half years.

He was arrested in Thailand on an Interpol red notice – one of the international police organisation’s tools for tracking fugitives – as he was travelling back to South Africa in 2012.

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Opportunity to Expose Garden Route Corruption on Radio

Chad Thomas and Glenda Paul host Corruption Busters, a one hour, daytime, investigative show that airs weekly on a Monday between 12-1pm. High profile guests are regularly interviewed in studio as well as over the telephone. This week, they will interview Hardy Mills, lawyer at the Justice & Equality Front, resident in Plettenberg Bay and on the front line as a witness to corruption in Eden District (Garden Route & the Klein Karoo). This is the press release from Chad Thomas of Corruption Busters:

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Truck roadworthy scandal risks lives

Johannesburg - "I am absolutely flabbergasted that more people are not being killed by accidents caused by unroadworthy heavy-duty trucks."

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‘Mega brothel in Berea’ – residents

Chad Thomas from IRS forensic investigations said no environmental impact study had been conducted and changes had been made without council permission or community consultation.

The lodge is on Louis Botha Avenue and comprises of number 42, 44 and 44A. Another angry resident who didn’t want to be identified, stated that entrances to the other two properties were closed and there was one entrance and exit to Louis Botha which was creating traffic in Louis Botha Avenue.

He said with the BRT construction there was one lane available for motorists and if there was a motorist entering the lodge and one driving out of the lodge, one must stop for the one driving out which creates traffic.

Kebble murder on the big screen

Johannesburg - It's one thing to read and hear about a murder - no matter how gory. It's quite another actually watching its execution.

Viewers got to experience the close-up reality of the murder of billionaire businessman Brett Kebble on Tuesday night at the premiere of 204: Getting Away With Murder at The Zone in Rosebank.

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