Truck roadworthy scandal risks lives

Johannesburg - "I am absolutely flabbergasted that more people are not being killed by accidents caused by unroadworthy heavy-duty trucks."

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Mega brothel in Berea - residents

Chad Thomas from IRS forensic investigations said no environmental impact study had been conducted and changes had been made without council permission or community consultation.

The lodge is on Louis Botha Avenue and comprises of number 42, 44 and 44A. Another angry resident who didn’t want to be identified, stated that entrances to the other two properties were closed and there was one entrance and exit to Louis Botha which was creating traffic in Louis Botha Avenue.

He said with the BRT construction there was one lane available for motorists and if there was a motorist entering the lodge and one driving out of the lodge, one must stop for the one driving out which creates traffic.

Kebble murder on the big screen

Johannesburg - It's one thing to read and hear about a murder - no matter how gory. It's quite another actually watching its execution.

Viewers got to experience the close-up reality of the murder of billionaire businessman Brett Kebble on Tuesday night at the premiere of 204: Getting Away With Murder at The Zone in Rosebank.

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Three shot after concert clash

Johannesburg - Three people are in hospital after being shot during an argument at a concert at Meyer's Farm in Alberton on Sunday.

Professional boxer Jarred Selwyn Silverman-Lebotschy and a man, believed to be Bradley Swartz, spent the night in the same intensive-care ward at Netcare Union Hospital under police guard.

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The criminal underworld

After an interesting conversation Chad Thomas, the chairman at the private IRS Forensics Investigations company, Paul Pereira from WHAM! Media got some really interesting insights into the criminal underworld and the fight against organised crime (which the SAPS is beginning to win. Paul also spoke more on corruption in the public sector.

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Top cops involved in truck heists

uspected underworld tycoon Frikkie Lutzkie is fighting to be released from a Zimbabwean prison after being found guilty of breaching various regulations of the country's air space.

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Municipal Officials Duped by Free Funding 419 Scam

Top officials of four South African municipalities have been duped by a rudimentary scam after they struck "agreements" to receive between$2-billion and $5-billion (about R22-billion to R53-billion) "free" funding from a shady international grant facilitator.

Scammers promising HUGE amounts of money for business, charitable and other purposes is nothing new.
IRS exposed such a scam that duped several South African municipalities way back in 2014. Read the story at this link:

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Krejcir link to torture death - report

Johannesburg - The father of an alleged associate of Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir has died after being tortured, The Citizen reported on Friday.


Forensic investigator Chad Thomas told the paper that Miso Mihaljevic, the father of Sandton Gold and Diamond Exchange's Djordje Mihaljevic, was pulled over and kidnapped in Johannesburg as he drove home last Friday.

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Selling of Bank Statements Uncovered

Johannesburg - Two Gauteng private investigators have been arrested, along with two former bank employees, for allegedly selling bank statements, reported City Press.

One bank employee allegedly earned more than R50 000 by supplying stolen bank statements to a private investigator.

Another bank official allegedly supplied hundreds of statements to a second private investigator for about R50 each.

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Rapport-ondersoek: Al jou geheime is op die mark

'n Winsgewende sluikhandel in bankstate is oopgevlek met die arrestasie van twee Gautengse private speurders en twee voormalige bankamptenare op aanklagte van bedrog en korrupsie.

Een bankwerknemer het meer as R50 000 verdien deur gesteelde bankstate aan 'n private speurder te verskaf.

Die ander werknemer het honderde bankstate teen sowat R50 per staat aan 'n ander private speurder oorhandig.

'n Rapport-ondersoek het verder aan die lig gebring dat amper enige vertroulike persoonlike inligting teen 'n prys beskikbaar is aan derde partye.

Bronne in die private speurbedryf sê groot ondernemings koop gereeld inligting oor mededingers of voornemende sakevennote.

Investigator hired by DBN businessman quits

Durban -

A private investigator appointed by Durban businessman Thoshan Panday to probe the alleged theft of his R2.5 million Ferrari by a former friend has withdrawn his services, citing a disreputable relationship between the two.

Panday had enlisted the services of Chad Thomas of IRS Investigations to investigate the alleged theft of the Ferrari by Vinesh Sukhari, and return the flashy sports car.

According to Thomas, so sordid is the relationship between the two, he withdrew his services as he did not want to be associated with the men.

Another deadly Krejcir drama

2013-11-13-krejcir Independent organised crime investigator Chad Thomas, from IRS Forensic Investigations, said Krejcir needed to be taken into protective custody if Tuesday night’s explosion was not staged, "until such time as his refugee status is either confirmed or he gets deported to the Czech Republic".

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