Carte Blanche 30th Birthday - Crooks & Scams

Thirty years of crooks and conmen have met their sticky end on Carte Blanche. Tune in this Sunday for some epic confrontations - and a variety of reactions worthy of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Checkpoint - Thieves in Suits

ENCA Checkpoint, with assistance from IRS Forensic Investigations, investigated a company targeting the most vulnerable people - those who had lost their jobs and were seeking justice.

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Sports Match Fixing

Sports match fixing is an unfortunate worldwide phenomena.

In the television program "Game On", TV investigative journalist, presenter and producer Pashkar Moodliar, and Chad Thomas from IRS, delve into this dark world of corruption.

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Dating Scams are on the Increase

In this joint TV documentary collaboration, TV presenter and producer Michel Appel, together with Glenda Paul from IRS, lay bare the reality of the pain and heartbreak caused by the manipulative so-called "Dating Scammers" in this documentary entitled "Cyber Heartbreak".

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SABC TV's Special Assignment

Ever wondered what makes a con artist tick? Ever wonder to what lengths a con artist will go to achieve their nefarious act?

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