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Joburg man's stalker from hell

2013 05 02 stalkerJohannesburg - A man from Sandton has been harassed and stalked by an ex-girlfriend to such an extent that he has lost his job and many of his friends. His online profile is not his own and his house has been petrol-bombed.

Now Duncan D’Ewes, 37, has become one of the first people to open a case with the police using the Protection from Harassment Act, which came into effect on Saturday – Freedom Day.

Numerous other charges against his ex have not led to an arrest.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. I had to resign from my job. I can’t have any relationships. She even targets my friends. Nothing is off limits to her,” D’Ewes said.

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The follow up article is titled "Two sides to story, says alleged stalker".