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Investigators: Krejcir lying about Issa

2013-11-05-bedford-shooting BEDFORDVIEW – Eyewitness News understands the Audi Q7 Sam Issa was shot and killed in on Saturday morning was spotted outside Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir’s gold exchange shop, Moneypoint, less than 10 hours before.

Issa, who was also known as ‘Cripple Sam’ and ‘Black Sam’, was shot dead by a gunman who pulled up next to him at a traffic light near the Bedford Centre in the early hours of the morning.

It’s believed an AK47 was used and more than 30 empty bullet cartridges were found on the scene.

It’s understood Krejcir and Issa had a fall out a few weeks before the shooting, but Krejcir has strongly denied being associated with the Lebanese national.

While Krejcir has claimed he only knew Issa from around the neighbourhood, describing him as a "strange man," Issa’s friends have described him as a "party animal."

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